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Rochester Welding specializes in TIG, MIG, and robotic welding produced by seasoned professional welders. We have a vast library of qualified welding procedure specifications that includes various grades of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and steel armor plate using both semi-automatic and manual welding processes.

UPSTREAM core competencies:

  • Drawing review and aid in bidding prospective projects with PMs and Estimating Dept.
  • Make use of APQP and manufacturability & constructability reviews
  • Involved in related manufacturing and processing team discussions
  • Collective fixture conception, collaboration, and team review with Design Eng. Dept.
  • Acquire, obtain, and implement proper welding equipment and best practices in effort to obtain code-level welding quality in a highly efficient manner.



MIG welding                                                                                     (GMAW-S, GMAW-P, GMAW Globular & Spray)

TIG welding                                                                                      (GTAW)

MIG-Aluminum                                                                               (push-pull GMAW-P, GMAW-Spray)

Robotic MIG welding                                                                      (Automatic GMAW-S, GMAW-P, and FCAW-GM)

Resistance Spot/Projection Welding                                           RSW

Flux Cored Arc Welding                                                                 FCAW-GM

Preheating and Interpass Temperature control

BASE METALS used (typical and “standards”):

Armor                                                                                               12560, 46100, and Domex Alloys

Carbon Steels                                                                                  A36, A500, A513, A1011HR, A100CR, C1020

HSLA (High Strength Low Alloy) Steels                                   A572 Grade 50, A656

HTLA (Heat Treatable Loy Alloy) Steels                                  A514 Grade B & H, A519 Grades 4130, & 4140

Stainless Steels and Nickel alloys                                               304/304L, 316/316L, 321, Hastelloy X

Aluminum; Non Heat Treatable and Heat Treatable             5052, 5083, 5086, 6061, and 6063

Expanded Metal                                                                             Flattened and Standard; Steel, SS, Al


ER80/90S-D2, ER70S-6, and ER100/110S

E70C, and E90C-D2

R308L, R309L, R347, RNiCrMo-2


ER5356, ER5183, and ER4043


95/5 (Ar+O2)                    90/10 (Ar+CO2)                   75/25 (Ar+CO2)                 98/2 (Ar+O2)

75/25 (Ar+He)                   100% Ar (Argon)                  95/5 (Ar+CO2)

WELDING QMS (Quality Management System)

  • In-house qualification to AWS (American Welding Society) D1, B1 codes, and MIL-STDs:


TACOM Ground Combat Vehicle Welding Code-Steel


D1.3-Sheet Steel


B2.1-Specification for Welding Procedure and Performance Qualification


  • PQRs (Procedure Qualification Records)
    • Development
    • Macroetch/macrograph
    • Bend Tests
    • RT/UT (outsourced)
    • Tensile tests (outsourced)
    • Write-up
  • WPSs (Welding Procedure Specifications)
    • Write-up
    • Weld Information Boards
    • WPS matrices
    • Continual training
  • WPQRs (Welder Performance Qualification Records)
    • Training
    • Testing
    • Certification
    • Welder Continuity Log,
    • Welder Wallet Cards
    • RT (outsourced)
    • Macroetch/macrograph
    • Bend Tests


  • CWI (two (2) Certified Welding Inspectors) oversight before, during, and after welding
    • Filler Metal and Shielding gas CoCs, official reports, PPAP packages, Weld Maps.
  • Process Monitoring
    • Use of calibrated Fluke 275 Amp-Voltmeter to verify adherence to WPS amperage, voltage, and Preheat & Interpass temperature essential variable ranges.
    • GTFM (calibrated Gas Turbine Flow Meter), shielding gas flow verification.
  • Destructive Testing by way of
    • Cut & Etch; -macroetch and macrograph capabilities for Carbon/Alloy Steel, Stainless, and Aluminum.
    • Pry & peel and RSW button/nugget testing
    • Torsion/Torque testing for projection weld nuts and studs
    • Push-out testing for projection welded nuts and studs
  • NDT; 3rd Party ASNT Level II RT, PT, UT, MT services on call (Lab or Call out)


  • Job kitting; components and details for weldments are kitted with job traveler and drawings
  • Welders, Welding Engineer, and CWI discuss (line-up) work before fabrication begins.
  • Certified WPQRs in 2G for plate, and 2G, 5G, & 6G for tube and pipe for all RWCI typical base metals.

Welding Equipment

  • 18 GMAW (MIG)/Multiprocess welding power sources
  • 9 GTAW (TIG) welding power sources
  • 2 specialized welding cells (RSW and Robotic GMAW)

Yaskawa/Motoman Robotics ArcWorld V-6000 Robotic Weld Cell

Miller Thunderbolt XL 225AC/150DC Portable Stick Welder

Miller Dynasty 280DX TIG Welder

Miller AlumaPro 350 MIG Welder

Miller Dynasty 350DX TIG Welder

Miller Millermatic 350P MIG Welder

Lincoln Precision-255 TIG Welder

Lincoln Precision-275 TIG Welder

Lincoln Idealarc CV-300 MIG Welder

Lincoln Square Wave-300 TIG Welder

Lincoln Power Wave-350 MIG Welder

Lincoln Square Wave-355 TIG Welders (3)

Lincoln Precision-375 TIG Welderss (2)

Lincoln Power Wave-455 MIG Welders (11)

Taylor-Winfield Spot Welder, 75KVA

PressRite Aluminum Spot Welder, 160KVA