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Our Equipment

It’s often said that a tool is only as good as its user. Well, as good as our people are at their jobs, you can also be sure that we use the highest-quality tools. Rochester Welding’s state-of-the-art equipment enables us to meet your most demanding custom metal fabrication needs. See our equipment list below and follow the links to learn more about our specialized capabilities.

Welding Equipment

Lincoln Idealarc CV-300 MIG Welders (4)

Lincoln Square Wave-300 TIG Welder (3)

Lincoln Power Wave-455 MIG Welders (11)

Lincoln Precision-375 TIG Welders (3)

Lincoln Precision-255 TIG Welder

Lincoln Power Wave-350 MIG Welders (2)

Lincoln Power Wave i400

Motoman Robotics ArcWorld V-6000 Robotic Arc Welder

Taylor-Winfield Spot Welder 75KVA

PressRite Aluminum Spot Welder, 160KVA

Miller Aluma Power 350Mpa

Miller Dynasty 280DX

Miller Dynasty 350


Learn more about our welding capabilities >

CNC Machining Equipment

Quaser MV-184, CNC Machining Center

Table Size: 1200x500mm

Travel:  X 900 / Y 500 / 560mm

Table Load: CAP 500kg

Sharp 5128SX CNC Machining Center

Table Size: 1500x650mm

Travel: X 1300 / Y 700 / 710mm

Table Load: CAP 1000kg

Learn more about our CNC milling and drilling capabilities >

Plasma Cutting Equipment

Vicon Fabricator-HD Plasma Cutting Table

260 amp power supply

8’ x 20’ mill plate table

Can cut up to 2” thick carbon steel or 1-1/2” tick stainless

Learn more about our plasma cutting capabilities >

Laser Cutting Equipment

Trumpf TLF 4000 Carbon Dioxide Laser

60” x 120” cutting area

System cap: 1/2” aluminum, 1/2” stainless steel, 1” steel

Laser output: continuous

Wavelength range: 10600 nm

Laser power: 200000 to 4.00E6 milliwatts

Features internal power supply

Trumpf TLF 2600 Carbon Dioxide Laser

60” x 120” cutting area

System cap: 1/4” aluminum, 3/8” stainless steel, 1/2” steel

Laser output: continuous

Learn more about our laser cutting capabilities >

Metal Bending Equipment

Trumpf Model V130 6 Axis Press Brake

Capacity: 146 tons

Overall bending length: 121”

Distance between housings: 106”

Learn more about our metal bending capabilities >

Metal Punching Equipment

Trumpf 200R CNC Punching Machine

Cutting area: 50” x 84”

Programmable repositioning capabilities

System cap: 1/4” aluminum, 7ga stainless steel, 1/4” steel

Learn more about our metal punching capabilities >