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Our Quality Policy

Rochester Welding is committed to quality as a basic principle. Quality means providing our customers with innovative products and services that meet and exceed expectations. Continuous quality improvement is the responsibility of every Rochester Welding employee. Our goal: to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

How We Help You Ensure Product Quality

Rochester Welding’s quality management system has been certified to meet ISO 9001:2015 standards for manufacture, welding, and distribution of metal fabricated parts. The International Standards Organizations has assessed our production and customer support processes and has affirmed our dedication to continual quality improvement.

Rochester Welding Company, Inc. is committed to quality as an essential principle by striving to supply our customers with World-Class Fabrications. Our objective at RWCI is achieving to meet or exceed the customer’s needs and expectations through continual improvement initiatives. Complete customer satisfaction through continual improvement efforts is the responsibility of every employee at RWCI.

“World-Class fabrications and customer satisfaction through continual improvement is MY job!”

Supplier Excellence Alliance Aerospace & Defense Supply Chain Award Finalist

How We Help You Manage Supply Chain Risk

When you choose Rochester Welding for custom metal fabrication, we both enjoy a mutually beneficial customer-supplier relationship. You can be sure of our customer focus, and you can feel confident in our long-term sustainability as your business partner. This helps you reduce risk in your supply chain.