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Rochester Welding specializes in TIG, MIG, and robotic welding produced by seasoned professional welders. We have a vast library of qualified welding procedure specifications that includes various grades of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and steel armor plate using both semi-automatic and manual welding processes.

UPSTREAM core competencies:

  • Drawing review and aid in bidding prospective projects with PMs and Estimating Dept.
  • Make use of APQP and manufacturability & constructability reviews
  • Involved in related manufacturing and processing team discussions
  • Collective fixture conception, collaboration, and team review with Design Eng. Dept.
  • Acquire, obtain, and implement proper welding equipment and best practices in effort to obtain code-level welding quality in a highly efficient manner.
  • AWS Members, extensive latest edition resource Library maintained.



MIG welding – (GMAW-S, GMAW-P, GMAW)

TIG welding – (GTAW)

MIG-Aluminum – (push-pull GMAW-P, GMAW-Spray)

Robotic MIG welding – (Automatic GMAW-S, GMAW-P, and FCAW-GM)

Resistance Spot/Projection Welding – RSW, PW

Flux Cored Arc Welding – FCAW-GM

Preheating and Interpass Temperature control

BASE METALS used (typical and “standards”):

Armor – 12560, 46100, and Domex Alloys

Carbon Steels –  A36, A500, A513, A1011HR, A100CR, C1020

HSLA (High Strength Low Alloy) Steels – A572 Grade 50, A588, A656

HTLA (Heat Treatable Loy Alloy) Steels – A514 Grade B & H, A519 Grades 4130, & 4140

Stainless Steels and Nickel alloys – 304/304L, 316/316L, 321, Hastelloy X

Aluminum; Non Heat Treatable and Heat Treatable – 3003, 5052, 5083, 5086, 6061, and 6063

Expanded Metal – Flattened and Standard; Steel, SS, Al


ER80/90S-D2, ER70S-6, and E100/110S

E70C, and E90C-D2

ER308L, R309L, R347, RNiCrMo-2


ER5356, E5183, and ER4043


90/10     (Ar+CO2)                              95/5       (Ar+O2)                                 100% Ar                (Argon)

75/25     (Ar+He)                                75/25     (He+Ar)                                 75/25                     (Ar+CO2)             

95/5       (Ar+CO2)                             98/2  & 95/7.5/2.5                              100% He               (Helium)

WELDING QMS (Quality Management System)

  • In-house qualification to AWS (American Welding Society) D1, B codes, and MIL-STDs:


TACOM Ground Combat Vehicle Welding Code-Steel


D1.3-Sheet Steel




  • PQRs (Procedure Qualification Records)
    • Development
    • Macroetch/macrograph
    • Bend Tests
    • Brinell
    • RT/UT (outsourced)
    • Tensile tests (pulls outsourced)
    • Write-up
  • WPSs (Welding Procedure Specifications)
    • Write-up
    • Weld Information Boards
    • WPS matrices
    • Continual training
  • WPQRs (Welder Performance Qualification Records)
    • Training
    • Testing
    • Certification
    • Welder Continuity Logs and Matrices
    • Welder Wallet Cards
    • RT (outsourced on occasion)
    • Macroetch/macrograph
    • Bend Tests (performed internally; preferred over RT)


  • CWI two (2) Certified Welding Inspectors and one (1) CAWI oversight before, during, and after welding
  • Filler Metal and Shielding gas CoCs, official reports, PPAP packages, Weld Maps.
  • Process Monitoring
    • Use of calibrated Fluke 275 Amp-Voltmeter to verify adherence to WPS amperage, voltage, and Preheat & both min. & max. Interpass temperature essential variable ranges.
    • GTFM (calibrated Gas Turbine Flow Meter), shielding gas flow verification.
  • Destructive Testing by way of
    • Cut & Etch; -macroetch and macrograph capabilities for Carbon/Alloy Steel, Stainless, and Aluminum.
    • Pry & peel and RSW button/nugget testing
    • Torsion/Torque testing for projection weld nuts and studs
    • Push-out testing for projection welded nuts and studs
  • NDE; 3rd Party ASNT Level II RT, PT, UT, MT services on call (Lab or Call out)


  • Job kitting; components and details for weldments are kitted with job traveler and drawings
  • Welders, Welding Engineer, and CWI discuss (line-up) work before fabrication begins.
  • Certified WPQRs in 2G for plate, and 2G, 5G, & 6G for tube and pipe for all RWCI typical base metals.



  • (14)operational GMAW (MIG)/Multi-process welding power sources
  • (8)operational GTAW (TIG) welding power sources
  • (2)specialized welding cells (RSW and Robotic GMAW)
  • (3)8’x12’x2” machined low-boy platen tables.
  • (1) LINCOLN Aspect 230 Beta (TIG) – CY2019
  • (1) MILLER Deltaweld 452 (MIG) – CY2018
  • (2)MILLER Syncrowave 350 LX (TIG) – CY2017
  • MILLER Dynasty 350DX (TIG) – CY2016
  • MILLER Millermatic 350P (MIG) – CY2016
  • MILLER Thunderbolt XL 225AC/150DC Portable Stick Welder (SMAW) – CY2016
  • MILLER AlumaPower 350 MPa (MIG) – CY2015
  • Spot Weld Inc. 160 KVA RSW machine (RSW) – CY2015
  • MILLER Dynasty 280DX (TIG) – CY2014
  • YASKAWA dual-station 3-axis positioner i400 Amp Robotic weld cell (MIG) – CY2013
  • (9)Lincoln Electric POWERWAVE 455m Multi-process 450 Amp Inverter (MIG)
  • Lincoln Electric 350 MP (MIG)
  • (2)Lincoln Electric Precision 375 (TIG)
  • Lincoln Electric Precision 275 (TIG)