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Take your metal fabrication career advancements to another level and join the Rochester Welding team. We are always on the lookout for new team members who value extraordinary level of skill, respect, drive and determination. All available positions are listed below.

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Available Positions:

Duties and Responsibilities:
• All customer request for quotes (RFQs) and convert them to acceptable quotations for jobs in a timely manner
• Metrics: Gather, analyze & report all RFQ’s real-time through our JobBoss’ database
• Monitor and identify part, material, and supply shortages, document and communicate as appropriate regarding production activities
• Ensure that all estimation documents are 100% traceable
• Know and understand ISO / QMS policies & procedures and carry them out correctly as a routine part of production
• Initiate continuous improvement problem solving teams to identify root causes and corrective actions
• Communicate with Program Managers and customers to help clarify any questions or problems regarding RFQ’s
• Take the initiative to get vendor quotes during the quotation process as needed to complete the quotation on time
• Provide a monthly updates of all currently open RFQ’s, currently sent RFQ’s and their cost status to RWCI’s executive dashboard
• Know and understand RWCI’s 5 A’s (Attendance, Accountability, Attitude, Aptitude, Appearance)
• Once PO is generated work with Processor to break down all operations to complete traveler from production launch to ship out.
• Take the initiative to work with the needed leaders on verifying times and processes in order that the quote is justifiable
• Stay informed of production schedule to provide customers realistic lead times by communicating with Production Manager and team players
• Work with JobBoss quoting module to gather time studies of actual production time (by referencing the Travelers) to compare and improve quoting process and verify costs
• Present information to upper management team for additional options to save customer time and costs, when possible
• When work load demands, follow up with customers to verify receipt of quote, or quote status
• Interpret time study data to verify and improve quoting process
• Document quoted pricing system, and be able to review prices at a later date for requite
• Follow up/adjust on jobs as a closed loop system to verify and validate that the job(actual vs. quote)
• Follow your chain of command

Knowledge and Skills Areas:
• Possess excellent customer relations and customer service skills
• Possess experience in Microsoft Word and Excel
• JobBoss Module
• Possess experience in CAD opening and viewing CAD files/drawings
• Be able to read and correctly interpret technical drawings and specifications
• Understand material specifications to make sure project can be performed
• Attention to details is a must
• Must operate independently in a high-stress work environment
• Be a professional team member and be able to operate in a team environment
• Possess basic mathematical skills

Are you an experienced Welder-Fabricator looking for a great environment to apply your skilled Craft? Here at RWCI in our Welding Operations Dept. lies an opportunity of great challenge & reward. Rest assured a no-nonsense approach to applying efficient, best practice, and superior quality in welded fabrications and manufacturing is our daily mantra. This is accomplished through a demanding yet loyal, fun, and sense of pride atmosphere.

• Code-level Welder-Fabricator
• GMAW-S, GMAW-P, GTAW, FCAW-GM, CAG; set-up and operation
• Military, Theme Park, Rail, Equipment & Machinery, Aerospace, Off-road, Automotive
• AWS D1.1, D1.2, D1.3, D1.6, D17.1, and TACOM Qualified/Certified/WPQRs
• Prototype, Job Shop, Batch Run, Production – complex weldments; small and large
• Use ERP/MRP Shop JobBoss system for production monitoring
• Layout, tolerancing, stack-ups
• Clean/Prep/Grind/Bevel
• Straight-edge, Square, Measure, Position, Gapping, Fit & Tack, Fixture, Cut & Trim, build-up
• Temporarily restrain, Pre-camber, weld sequence, heat-straighten
• Preheat & Interpass Control
• Weldout sub-assemblies and marriage
• Clean/Scrape/Deburr work
• Inspect work

• Motivated, ambitious, A “want-to” whatever it takes attitude
• Identifies minor or complex problems and recommends solutions
• Influence and apply creativity in accomplishing tasks
• Attention to detail
• Coachable
• Gather and analyze information, and coordinate work independently or as a TEAM
• High degree of quality and efficiency
• Passionate and drive in one’s skilled trade
• Utilize and embrace lean manufacturing and other cost reduction activities
• Makes sound decisions
• Excellent communication skills

• Armor, HSLAs, CS, HTLAs, Aluminum, Stainless Steel; Plate, Sheet Metal, Shapes
• Shielding gas usage; various & diverse
• Filler metal usage; various and diverse

SUPERVISION (adherence)
• Welding Supervisor oversight (direct report)
• Flow-down (Welding Quality & Production)
• Receive instruction
• Review drawings
• Review welding symbols
• Adhere to WPSs and essential variables thereof
• Conform to job specifications
• SOPs
• Maintenance
• Certified Welding Inspector oversight
• Visual
• Pre-Weld
• During
• After
• Welding Engineering oversight (background/dept. culture)
• Manufacturability and constructability review
• Process selection and efficiency & productivity implementation
• Code Compliance
• Engineering Best Practice
• Customer Specs
• Welding QMS
• Dimensional Control (inspection) oversight
• First Article Inspection
• First piece Inspection
• Pre-weld dimensionals
• Post-weld dimensionals

• Heights, confined spaces, manual lifting, standing, crouching, bending, repetitive motion
• Material handling

• Pass pre-hire physical and drug test
• High School/GED
• 2-5 yrs experience
• Produce acceptable pre-hire weld tests
• Post-Secondary Welding Education certificates/degree preferred

• Must have own tools
• Qualified and certified in Forklift operations
• Basic rigging
• Keeps area clean
• Compliance with personal care, OSHA, and company safety rules

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Duties and Responsibilities:
Receiving Purchased Product and/or Material from Suppliers –
• Verify PO requirements are met
• Verify correct revision of blueprint has been used for manufacturing of product
• Perform inspections, report, and record results.
• Verify to customer blueprint materials are correct to print and required SPEC
• Verify to customer blueprint through full inspection and required AQL Levels that product is manufactured correct
• Verify C.O.C’s to ensure proper processing has been followed per print (heat treat, paint , etc.)
• Responsible for releasing verified Products to the floor to their designated destination following traveler
• Prompt notification of non-conforming product to Quality Manager
• Occasional communication with Suppliers

Quality Control –
• Floor Audits
• Inspection of First Article Pieces from Laser
• Inspection of First Articles and Products “In Process”
• Verifying conformance to Customer Quality Manuals and Requirements
• Verifying conformance to processes
• Quality Paperwork Packages – bubbled prints, inspection sheets, CDR form, AS9102, PPAP, FAI
• Distribution and Filing of In Process Inspection Sheets
• Shared Responsibility of Calibration and Calibration Records
• Occasional Customer Relations by way of Source Inspectors, CWI’s, Suppliers, and Customers visiting RWCI
• Back up Quality Inspector of WIP product

Assembly –
• Approval of 1st Piece Builds
• Verification of Build Components
• Developing Set Processes, Work Instructions
• Part Mark Verification on finished goods
• Acts as Back Up to Assembly Dept – when needed

Shipping –
• Approve Parts to Ship
• Submit Quality Paperwork for Products

Knowledge and Skills Areas:
• Minimum 1 year of Quality Control Experience req’d
• A basic knowledge of GD&T
• Knowledge of CMM Romer Arm operations preferred, and or the ability to learn
• PC-DMIS experience beneficial.
• Ability to manipulate models created in different formats such as CAD, IGES, etc.
• Must know how to use inspection tools such as, height gauges, calipers, thread gauges, pin gauges, etc.
• Know and understand ISO / QMS policies & procedures and insure that they are being followed throughout the shop
• Know and understand RWCI’s 5 A’s (Attendance, Accountability, Attitude, Aptitude, Appearance)
• Follow your chain of command
• Be a professional and treat customers/associates professionally
• Be able to use JobBoss and correctly interpret, and execute travelers/routers
• Be able to identify and address identified areas for improvement
• Possess experience in shop floor and/or the manufacturing industry
• Be able to read and interpret technical drawings is a MUST
• Be able to use measurement equipment correctly
• Possess MODERATE mathematical skills
• Be able to read, correctly interpret, and execute travelers
• Must operate independently in a high-stress work environment
• Detailed knowledge of equipment – all aspects