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Metal Bending

Rochester Welding can bend metal with precision and flexibility. Our CNC hydraulic press brake is designed for high efficiency – from programming to tool setup to bending itself. Bending can be automated for utmost accuracy. Your first part is a perfect part.

Bending Equipment

Trumpf Model V130 6 Axis Press Brake

Capacity: 146 tons

Overall bending length: 121”

Distance between housings: 106”

Accurpress Model 7-750-14, 6 Axis Press Brake

Capacity: 750 tons

Overall bending length: 14′

Punching Equipment

Trumpf 200R CNC Punching Machine

Cutting area: 50” x 84”

Programmable repositioning capabilities

System cap: 1/4” aluminum, 7ga stainless steel, 1/4” steel